It’s Me. Hi. I’m The Problem, It’s Me.

Yes, I’m a Swiftie so I had to use her line to launch this blog. I’m a few years late on the whole get a blog thing. Actually, I did it backwards and did a podcast first. But that’s neither here nor there. The question was, “What’s it going to be about?”  My answer, everything and nothing all at once. I really wanted to open up the topics to range anywhere from the business of T-Rex Cookie to what I do for fun. As a business owner, it’s easy for the company to become your life and visa versa.

I honestly have been thinking about so many things and how they’ve impacted not only the business but my life and not sure exactly how to address it. Things like should I grow the company or do I stay small and own T-Rex Cookie forever? Do we look into franchising? How do we find good people? All these things are constantly swirling around in my brain and this could be the best platform to share. So tune in, read up…and tell me what you want to know!

tina from T-Rex Cookie with a cookie
About Tina Rexing T-Rex Cookie Owner

Tina Rexing

Owner, T-Rex Cookie Company

We are a small but mighty company with big cookies based in Minnesota. Baking nationally recognized 1/2 pound and 5 pound cookies, we can confidently say we offer No Dainty Bites!