T-Rex Cookie

Nationally Recognized 1/2 lb & 5 lb Cookies

T-Rex Cookie

Nationally Recognized 1/2 lb & 5 lb Cookies

T-Rex Cookie

Nationally Recognized 1/2 lb & 5 lb Cookies


T-Rex Ridgedale Mall

T-Rex Cookie Ridgedale Mall

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What Our Customers Say

“Best cookies and amazing flavors. So fun. I get the best compliments whenever I bring them for dessert.”

Vivian B.

“Cookies are the size of my face! Great value. Really good chew. Delicious flavors.”

Darcy E.

“The cookies they sell here are honestly the best cookies I’ve ever had in my life. I bring everyone here and they all say the same thing.”

Connor P.

“…The cookies are the best and they are so big one would be enough for dessert for 4 people…The kids each get a mini dinosaur with their cookies…Love this place!”

Laura Schweiker

 “My son wanted T-Rex Cookies at his grad party vs. the same ol’ cake all of his friends were having. So many compliments for Tina on how wonderful she was to all of his guests and how delicious her cookies were. People could not get over how big they were and started taking photos to send to their friends. (‘You gotta see the size of this cookie! It’s unbelievable!’) Just goes to show that Tina is 100% right. #sizematters. Thank you for making our celebration so special.”

Sandy J.
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Cookie Jar Confessionals Podcast with Tina Rexing

Cookie Jar Confessionals Podcast

Tina Rexing is the founder of T-Rex Cookie, based in Minnesota but known nationally with her numerous media appearances, a scrapped episode of Shark Tank – and relentless pursuit to market her quality cookies fatter than your baby and bigger than your head. She’s an immigrant, a former corporate warrior, a competitive baker for nearly 20-years – and a fierce advocate for being honest and building your business. Her stories reflect her cookies, unconventional, unique flavor, and indulgent. You don’t have to be a baker or a business owner to relate. Just a good human with a sense of humor that’s not easily offended.

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