Unapologetic is not just an adjective we use to describe how to bake, eat or share a T-Rex Cookie. It is, a mantra, a rule to live by which rings true all the way back to our humble beginnings.

Be you, enjoy you – make big and bold moves to indulge life on your own terms. Whether its personality, grit, heart or something else you need after hours, #SizeMatters.

Our cookies are just part of that equation to bravely chart your course.

Baby with T-Rex Cookies

For nearly a decade we’ve been putting our ideas into action and perfecting each one of our recipes to create a quality, consistent outsized cookie with only real non artificial ingredients. Which means a Vegan or a Gluten Free Warrior might find us disappointing. That’s just the way we are. Share a cookie or, keep it all to yourself. We won’t judge.


Tina sitting on the ground

Some brands will tell you a cute story to sell a cookie. This one is true and, success isn’t always sweet & easy.

In 2014 Tina Rexing found herself stuck after years of a mildly fulfilling corporate career in data analytics & IT. She spent weekends baking competitively for 17-years and burning through blue ribbons while testing out recipes on her colleagues in the cubicle.

Call it a career crisis or, chasing who you really are Rexing quit her job on her birthday to chart a new and unknown course. She created a business plan while binge watching Game Of Thrones on her newly minted free time. She registered an LLC, crowdfunded her way to $9,000-dollars and launched T-Rex Cookie by first wrapping her Mini Cooper.

Trex Cookie Car Wrap and Tent
Tina Rexing at Marketing Booth

One by one she sold cookies from a small stand at a local farmers market, hired her parents, paid them in hugs and shared her “Do What You Love” story to anyone willing to shove a 1/2lb cookie in their mouth so they were forced to listen. The story compelled people to give T-Rex a try. The quality, size and willingness to be bold in her flavors kept customers coming back.

With a lot more muscle than finesse most days, T-Rex Cookie is now available at select retailers nationwide. We’ve baked quality national award winning 1/2lb cookies for nearly a decade. Now, you can too. At home.