Why Are T-Rex Cookies So Big?

Do you have anything smaller? That question comes up all the time. T-Rex Cookies didn’t start out as “big” cookies. My first farmer’s market, they were “normal sized” cookies 3 ounces. I sold bags of 4 cookies heat-sealed in a bag. After making literally hundreds of cookies for the Minneapolis Farmer’s Market, my elbow started to bug me. I spent 5 years as a professional tennis instructor and feeding tennis balls to my students caused a severe case of tennis elbow. Scooping “small” cookies just aggravated it. After popping 4 Advil and going to the kitchen to scoop more cookies, I wondered, hmmm….what if I make them bigger and not use a scoop?

The First T-Rex Cookie

The Rest Is History

I brought out a scale and weighed out a 1 pound ball of dough and baked it. I was in a shared commercial kitchen at the time so I asked my kitchen “roommate” what he thought of the big cookie. His response was enough to convince me to give it a try. The only problem was I couldn’t find a bag big enough for the cookie to take to market so I “shrunk” them down to 1/2 pound.

For the next week, I took both small and big cookies to market. I sold out of the big cookies immediately. That is when I realized which direction I should go. Plus, because the name of my company was T-Rex Cookie, everyone assumed that’s why the cookies were big. I would respond, “AND my name is Tina Rexing.”

About Tina Rexing T-Rex Cookie Owner

Tina Rexing

Owner, T-Rex Cookie Company

We are a small but mighty company with big cookies based in Minnesota. Baking nationally recognized 1/2 pound and 5 pound cookies, we can confidently say we offer No Dainty Bites!