Meet Axel Pineda, a remarkable individual whose journey embodies resilience and dedication.

At 19, Axel walked into my cafe on University Avenue, armed with experience from some of the Twin Cities’ finest restaurants. I was curious about his desire to work in a simpler setting and asked him why. His response, “I want to work where I don’t get yelled at and get things thrown at me.”

Having witnessed the rigors of high-end dining kitchens, Axel gained the skills but also the stress of those roles. For two years, Axel crafted soups, salads, and sandwiches that garnered a devoted following among our patrons.

Meet Axel Pineda

A new chapter

In 2019, as I bid farewell to the cafe and ventured to Eagan, Axel embarked on a new chapter, honing his skills in various kitchens around the Twin Cities. Fast forward to this weekend, when Axel invited me to a Nordic Tasting Menu at Bar Brava in Minneapolis.

The experience was extraordinary – each dish a masterpiece, every presentation flawless. Words cannot express the pride I have for Axel and his journey. Cheers to Axel Pineda – a testament to hard work and passion for doing what he loves!

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